Original Dutch decorative bricks to forge a unique and individual style of the building. These decorative bricks are very decorative and has excellent thermal insulation properties, as shaped by hand from natural and organic materials. It is extracted the highest product quality.

Original Dutch clinker bricks - simply the best in creating a warm and dry house. They are resistant to frost and sudden temperature changes. Versatile, perfect to suit all tastes and needs. It is an excellent building material for internal and external decoration. Thanks to create a welcoming environment in which to live and rejoice.

These decorative bricks perfectly suited for renovation of old buildings and renovations, such as castles, monasteries, buildings of national significance. It is also ideal for new, modern buildings. The choice of colors and shades are so broad that meet any demands.

Original Dutch clinker bricks are made from high-quality raw materials and fired in accordance with the ancient traditions. Apmūrytas these decorative bricks, the facade of your house will become a peerless and characteristic impression. These Dutch ceramic facing bricks meet the highest technical requirements with easy handling.