Carpet stones

Carpet Stones - Paving stones with system
Carpet Stones is a completely new and unique patented paving system that has all the characteristics of stone paving. The amazingly simple system comprises various paving elements that are all easy to lay. The elements are designed in such a way that they link in or around each other to produce uniform and harmonious paving.

The elements are manufactured in practical sizes so that they can be laid in a reasonable time. 
After sweeping in the joints, the paving is hardly distinguishable from natural stone paving.
Carpet Stones are available in a range of colours that provide unlimited ideas for creating and paving designs!

This website gives you a comprehensive introduction to Carpet Stones. This completely new system will make a big impression to you. 

Carpet Stones are available in the following colours:


                                                                   Brown                                         Sand                                                        Anthracite


Freedom of design
The unique system of different Carpet Stones elements provides endless design possibilities. The four basic element types enable paving bonds to be created in circular, curved, fan-shaped or straight-line patterns.

The flexibility with which Carpet Stones can be laid is attained trough the wire link in each individual stone element which makes it possible to seperate the elements.

The joint system guarantees optimum water permeability in accordance with the German A 138 ATV test (surface filtration).

                             Elements                                             Examples





The visible surface of the paving is always only as good as its foundation. Therefore it is absolutely essential that the foundation is properly constructed to ensure that the paving surface retains both its appearance and durability for a long period of time.

The first requirement for perfect paving with Carpet Stones is a stable and frost-resistant foundation designed with to withstand the expected loads.

Compacting the foundation
Careful compaction of the foundation provides the best guarantee of a durable even paving surface.

Levelling the foundation
After the foundation has been compacted, the surface must then be levelled using a lath. This creates the bease for laying the Carpet Stones.

Carpet Stones - laying the elements
The Carpet Stones elements can now be laid harmoniously in the chosen layout pattern. The unique way that each stone connects with each other enables them to adapt to any paving surface,

Carpet Stones - cutting the elements
The elements can be cut to size using a saw or a pair of wire cutters.

Join filling compound
The way that joints of Carpet Stones are filled, depends on whether sand, gravel or paving joint mortar is used as the joint filling method.

Compacting the joined paving surface
After filling the joints, the paving must then be compacted using a surface virbator. After compacting, the surface must then be flushed in again and swept clean. The surface is then ready for use.





Dimensions in cm. approx.

Surface area (m2) per element approx.

Weight in kg. p. elem. approx.

Delivery unit


118 x 38 x 4



30 units/pallet


118 x 38 x 4



30 units/pallet


118 x 38 x 4



30 units/pallet


118 x 58 x 4



15 units/pallet


59 x 58 x 4



30 units/pallet


42 x 20 x 8

2,50 1M


78 units/pallet